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 So Prop 8 has been overturned \o/ 
I know it's not the end of the road, but it's definitely a step closer to a successful conclusion :D

Have Adam singing A Change is Gonna Come, it will!

Prop 8 The Musical (embedding was disabled, but it's very funny)

Though at the end of the day it's not about money or what the bible says, but Equality. So YAY for reason prevailing.

Also here's a happy, smiley Jensen I snagged from my flist a few days ago, SO CUTE.

P.S. Adam release your British tour dates so I can organise my life, kthanx.
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OH JENSEN, COULD YOU BE MORE AWESOME? No? That's what I thought.

And Jared, I have never seen you look so nervous and then so touched (haha, I saw those dirty thoughts guys!) SO CUTE!

This may be late, but I only just saw it. BOYS <3
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Comment to this post and receive 4 options (actors/singers/so on, so forth). You must then decide which of the 4 options you would: Shag, Snog, Marry and Throw off a cliff.

[ profile] lavendergaia gave me Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Bradley James and Colin Morgan

I was terribly torn between shag and snog I admit, until I saw a moodtheme gif on my flist of Sam and hot!doctor!Cara which settled the matter for me ;)

Shag: Jared Padalecki - UNF
Snog: Bradley James - UNF THE SECOND
Throw off a cliff: Colin Morgan - Sorry sweetie, but it had to be done!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] schnute23! I hope you have had an awesome day and that you got everything that you wanted! I LOVE YOU <3

To celebrate I wrote a drabble for that icon prompt you gave me about 4 months ago. I don't blame you if you forgot all about it LOL. Also I'm adding in the comment fic I wrote for you for my snoopy icon, even though you've already seen it, because I like it and keep forgeting where it is!

Prompt: Photobucket J2 first time (icon by [personal profile] the_last_shadow)
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone or write the truth.
WC: 100

Read more... )

Prompt: (see post icon) It was a dark and stormy night...
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine

It was a dark and stormy night... )
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Pairing: J2
Warnings: None
W/C: 446
Disclaimer: I don't own them, or write the truth
Prompt: jet lagged and bored boys on a plane
A/N: This is for a prompt that [ profile] bobbinrob gave me months ago and I never filled any of those prompts because I am a bit of a failure, however since she is feeling down at the moment, I decided to write this one now. I hope you like it sweetie, even though it was so long coming!

Jared shuffles impatiently in his seat )

Pairing: J2
A tiny amount of bad language
Disclaimer: I don't own them, or write the truth
J2 cleaning the gutters, doesn't end too well
This is for an old prompt from [info]comment_away that I never got around to posting on my journal.

When Jensen pulls into the drive, he can see Jared standing on the grass, staring discontentedly up at the roof. )
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Ok so something reminded me of this vid not long ago and when I checked it out I remembered why I loved it so much. It's a Justin Taylor character vid to Garbage's When I Grow Up and I think it suits him and his story so well.

WARNING! Mild scenes of boy touching in the following video :D

Also I wanted to ask a couple of things that I've been wondering about for a while; a) what exactly does 'idk my bff' stand for? Nothing I think of quite seems to fit. b) What is the ballad of Jensen and Jared? Is it a real song? And if so is there anywhere I can go about getting my hands on it?

Right thats it for now :) Hope everyones having a good day! *hugs*


May. 4th, 2009 01:04 am
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jensen mbv

mmmm..... sweaty!

Cap credit to[ profile] justfreefallinsnagged from this picspam

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Well I just spent all evening working out how to load in a custom mood theme to realise near the end that I had made it unnecessarily complicated *sigh*

However now Jensen can act out my mood for me. Take it away Jensen!

Night all <3

P.S. Thanks to [ profile] egotists for the links to the J2 mood themes :D *hugs*
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I have been ill today, I have a cold and feel a bit crappy and so didn't go into classes today. It's actually kind of liberating as I feel completely justified in just sitting around in my pyjamas all day for once. My flatmate was very sweet though and brought me back a subway and chocolate to eat for lunch.

As part of my remedy plans I watched 'Its a Terrible Life' I must say it made me laugh a lot, which I always count as a very good sign for an episode!
4.17 spoilers )
Sorry if this was a bit waffly :D
Have a great weekend everyone! <3
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Title: Dog Days
Pairing: J2
Warnings: Schmoop and fluff
W/C: 355
A/N: Inspired by the picture [ profile] mikeyrhcp posted today. This is my first J2 and It is Unbeta'd so point out any mistakes you find.

Dog Days )

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First off I'm going to jump on the bandwagon t say:


And here is some hotness to celebrate <3


[ profile] chash has been doing drabble requests and her first re-cap post is here so if anyone hasn't read these they definitely should, because they are all amazing! And absolutely have to read the one she wrote for my request, because it is the cutest, awesomest, most adorkable little J2 drabble ever :D *is completely unbiased*

Yesterday I went to see Milk with a couple of friends. It was a really great film and I can definitely see why Sean Penn won the Oscar he portrayed Harvey Milk brilliantly. spoilery bits )
On a more shallow note is James Franco not hot? I totally thought he was, he has such a lovely smile!

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I've seen this meme around in multiple fandoms and thought it was fun, so I tried my hand at it. It's J2, but I may do it for my other fandoms as well at some point. I hope you enjoy it, it amused me for a little while anyway! There is a shout-out to Merlin in here as well.

Microfics )


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