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I'm reposting this as I found it really moving. A video made for the It gets better campaign started in response to the multiple reports of GLBT suicides in America recently. Don't watch if you don't have tissues handy.

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 This is so cute and the person singing doesn't sound half as annoying as Taylor Swift!

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Stolen from [ profile] ximeria's journal

Bradley James isn't just hot like fire, he's also completely adorable and funny :D

For those who don't know he plays Arthur in Merlin and you should totally watch it!

Right I'm off to watch Merlin!

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If I could make music vids (and I can't) I would make a Sam-centric vid to Make This Go On Forever by Snowpatrol. That is so a vid I want to see.
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Ok so the mood on my flist has been feeling a little glum the past couple of days and I have therefore decided that a bit of comedy spam is in order. Here are a few of the comedians that never fail to make me laugh when I'm feeling down!

I really wanted to include Adam Hills, because he is so funny, unfortunately a lot of my favourite routines were taken off youtube. In this one though he talks about Britain, so I kind of love it.

The next ones from Eddie Izzard because my love for him is boundless and I can practically recite some of his stuff as we had videos of him when I was a kid. It was hard to choose a routine, but this one resonates with me ;)

Bill Bailey! He's amazing. A love song from him.

Rhod Gilbert a Welshman in Australia. I love this routine.

And finally Dara O'Briain an Irish comedian. If you're a bit sensitive on the subject of religion I might not watch this one, but he's awesome and smart and someone I actually got to see live last year.

Also I have listened to this song so much these last few days so I'm sharing this too. I hope it helps to cheer people up a little!

Love and hugs to everybody! I hope you find something to make you laugh :D


May. 25th, 2009 02:58 am
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Yes this is a video about electric sheep (almost).

ETA: My goal for the coming week is to try and go to sleep before it gets light again at least once! Damn the days getting light so early.


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