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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] schnute23! I hope you have had an awesome day and that you got everything that you wanted! I LOVE YOU <3

To celebrate I wrote a drabble for that icon prompt you gave me about 4 months ago. I don't blame you if you forgot all about it LOL. Also I'm adding in the comment fic I wrote for you for my snoopy icon, even though you've already seen it, because I like it and keep forgeting where it is!

Prompt: Photobucket J2 first time (icon by [personal profile] the_last_shadow)
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone or write the truth.
WC: 100

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Prompt: (see post icon) It was a dark and stormy night...
Pairing: Brian and Justin
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine

It was a dark and stormy night... )
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Title: Now Your Life's No Longer Empty (prompt 81)
Pairing: Brian/Justin
W/C: 100
Rating: G
Warnings: Post 5.13, no real spoilers though
Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me!
Summary: Brian doth protest too much, as usual.
A/N: Written for Drabylon prompt #81


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Title: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (prompt 71)
Pairing: Brian/Justin
W/C: 200
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me!
Summary: There is an unexpected child and Brian is not happy.
A/N: Written for Drabylon prompt #71


Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf )
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Title: Only One Number Off (prompt 68)
Pairing: Brian/Justin
W/C: 700
Rating: (mild) NC-17
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me!
Summary: It's valentines day! (only not yet really :D)

A/N: I wrote this for the Drabylon prompt, it was going to be a drabble, but then morphed into this.


Only One Number Off (prompt 68) )




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Title: Finally
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Genre: AU
W/C: 214 (Not quite a double drabble)
Spoilers/warnings: Assumes knowledge of the entire series really, spoilers for events within the series.
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me ;)
Summary: Brian has an uneasy nights sleep

A/N: I decided to write this after watching the final episode again, it came from the way Justin faded away at the end of their scene. It was written about a year ago so I hope it's still ok! Unbeta'd so all mistakes are mine :D


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