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 I just did an overhaul of my journal, choosing a new layout and default icon, so I decided to post, since I haven't  posted in about 2 months!

Adam is raising money for charity as it's his birthday, through an organisation that aims to bring clean water to people who don't have it. So if you have a little money to spare you should check it out. It's for a very good cause!

I first saw this a few weeks ago, but I thought it was hilarious so I'm sharing it now. I love that Josh Groban doesn't take himself too seriously.

I hope everyone has had a good start to the year! <3
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Who automatically looks for a rainbow when there is rain and sunshine? I know I do!

I am far too amused by google today, what's it in aid of?

Also Adam's UK tickets should go on sale this week, finally! I can't believe how excited and nervous I am, I need to go to one of his concerts!

Going to make risotto tonight, YUM! :)

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..... When we said he was sex on stage, we didn't mean it quite so literally. XD (Video this comes from.)

Today we had Chinese takeaway and it was SO GOOD! Crispy beef, Thai BBQ duck, egg fried rice and noodles, YUMYUMYUM.

Watching more supernatural tonight, I WILL catch up!

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The difference between like and love...

I like a chocolate cream frappuccino from Starbucks, but I love a gingerbread latte from Costa.

And sometimes I'm just whelmed by a caramel latte from Caffe Nero.

I haven't checked my flist yet today in the hopes of avoiding spoilers, downloading 5.02 as I type ;D
I'll catch up with you all soon <3 (oops spoilers are now in the comments)

Also, very excited about the new series of Merlin starting tomorrow! \o/

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Yum.... Reese's Peanut Butter Cups :D

If there's no calorie content infomation on the packet that means they don't have any in them right?
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Well it's the big man's birthday! So.....

Happy Birthday Jared!

I was going to walk down to Sainsbury's and get ingredients for baking, but the rain was torrential earlier so I'm waiting to see if it stops first.
I had a coke float yesterday, they are so delicious and immediately make you feel just like a kid again don't they? *lol*

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I have been ill today, I have a cold and feel a bit crappy and so didn't go into classes today. It's actually kind of liberating as I feel completely justified in just sitting around in my pyjamas all day for once. My flatmate was very sweet though and brought me back a subway and chocolate to eat for lunch.

As part of my remedy plans I watched 'Its a Terrible Life' I must say it made me laugh a lot, which I always count as a very good sign for an episode!
4.17 spoilers )
Sorry if this was a bit waffly :D
Have a great weekend everyone! <3
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The title of this post comes from The Big Bang Theory, which I have been watching for the past four days. It is HUGELY funny and highly addictive. I blame my new craze on on Your Brains are no Match for my Tractorbeam by [ profile] chash which completely captures the humour in BBT. Only I think Your Brains Vs My Tractorbeam is better because it has J2 in it!

The other fic I'm loving at the moment is the Smoke and Lightning series by [ profile] eviltwin and [ profile] bloody_adorable It's a WIP, but the first part Heavy Metal Thunder is finished and they are now working on the sequel Born To Be Wild.
I snagged this graphic from their com and wanted to use it somewhere 'cos its purty, so I'm putting it in here :D It's by [ profile] eviltwin

I've never really had a tattoo kink, but this fic is definately giving me one! It also has motorbikes, mmm..... boys on motorbikes :D
This must have been one of the first J2 fics I read because I remember not knowing who this Chris was they were going on about lol, back in the naive old days.

Today was PANCAKE DAY! Did everyone else enjoy eating pancakes too? One of my friends made pancakes for everyone and they were scrummy :D  Also I just heard the awesome news about Supernatural BEST NEWS EVER! *happy dance*


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