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Happy Birthday Robyn!

It may not be your birthday where you are anymore, but it still is here, so keep on enjoying it as long as possible! I hope your day got better after being stuck in the airport :)
You were one of the first friends I made here and as these things generally are it was a bit of a happy accident, but had I known then what I know now, I would have been delighted to have found such a wonderful friend so quickly!
I hope you have a great year sweetie!


birthday cake
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Ok so the mood on my flist has been feeling a little glum the past couple of days and I have therefore decided that a bit of comedy spam is in order. Here are a few of the comedians that never fail to make me laugh when I'm feeling down!

I really wanted to include Adam Hills, because he is so funny, unfortunately a lot of my favourite routines were taken off youtube. In this one though he talks about Britain, so I kind of love it.

The next ones from Eddie Izzard because my love for him is boundless and I can practically recite some of his stuff as we had videos of him when I was a kid. It was hard to choose a routine, but this one resonates with me ;)

Bill Bailey! He's amazing. A love song from him.

Rhod Gilbert a Welshman in Australia. I love this routine.

And finally Dara O'Briain an Irish comedian. If you're a bit sensitive on the subject of religion I might not watch this one, but he's awesome and smart and someone I actually got to see live last year.

Also I have listened to this song so much these last few days so I'm sharing this too. I hope it helps to cheer people up a little!

Love and hugs to everybody! I hope you find something to make you laugh :D
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I just wanted to say THANK YOU to every one who commented my love meme thread! I love you all LOTS AND LOTS :D I tried to find everyone's threads and if I missed anyone I am very, very sorry!

I was going to make a proper post today and tell you all about my nostalgic trip down memory lane today with my first slash pairing. But it is late now and I still have some work to do (because I am the master of procrastination). So I promise to do it tomorrow, I'll also do the meme I owe [profile] pasty_pants then.

Anyone who likes Merlin should be reading Crepuscule (There is meant to be an accent in there but I don't know how to do that), it's really a very good fic that I'm loving SO MUCH!

I hope everyone had a good Monday! *hugs for everyone*

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Errrm.... so I created this

What do you guys think? I know nothings posted there yet, but do you think this is a workable idea? Should I add or change anything? I will of course pimp this far and wide later, but I wanted to get your input first :D I've never done anything like this before but I couldn't see anything like it around and thought it might be useful.


Apr. 25th, 2009 07:02 pm
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I want to write something guys :D

I saw this meme somewhere, where people pick out one of your user pics and then you write a ficlet or drabble for it. It seems like fun, so if  you comment with one of my icons or even just the key words I will write something for it!

Ah SPN icons will be turned into some sort of J2 probably. Also if you just want to give a different non-icon prompt go for it :D

Hope you are all having good weekends! I'm on my way out now but I'll get to these tomorrow or Monday. *hugs*
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I changed my layout and header! I am particularly excited by this because I actually ALTERED CODE!
Okay, so I changed one colour for another, but STILL! I am a complete technospaz and I was practically covering my eyes, thinking 'this is never going to work.' BUT IT DID!!! :D

And I am finally doing some laundry so I no longer have to wear odd socks :) At the moment all I have is a lot of wet washing however, as all the dryers were being used :( Will have to try again later.

HUGS flist! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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