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omg you guys! I just finished reading [ profile] queenklu's drabbles based on entries from textsfromlastnight (which are awesome and hilarious btw) and then went over there to see what was new. At the top of the page was this:

(509): Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?
(860): Becoming a productive member of society?
(509): Sam. Come on.

HOW PERFECT IS THAT! Haha oh, Dean *shakes head*

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Title: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (prompt 71)
Pairing: Brian/Justin
W/C: 200
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me!
Summary: There is an unexpected child and Brian is not happy.
A/N: Written for Drabylon prompt #71


Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf )
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Title: Only One Number Off (prompt 68)
Pairing: Brian/Justin
W/C: 700
Rating: (mild) NC-17
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me!
Summary: It's valentines day! (only not yet really :D)

A/N: I wrote this for the Drabylon prompt, it was going to be a drabble, but then morphed into this.


Only One Number Off (prompt 68) )




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Title: Prophecy
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: PG
W/C: 663
Warnings: Death!Fic with Potential!Reincarnation
Disclaimer: Merlin does not belong to me, neither does Arthur, even if he is hot :p
Summary: Uther discovers Merlin's magic.

A/N: I didn't intend for my first posted fic to be Death!Fic lol. But this demanded to be written last night, so I decided to do as I was told, as that doesn't happen too often. This is unbeta'd so all mistakes are mine. I hope you enjoy it anyway!


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