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 I just did an overhaul of my journal, choosing a new layout and default icon, so I decided to post, since I haven't  posted in about 2 months!

Adam is raising money for charity as it's his birthday, through an organisation that aims to bring clean water to people who don't have it. So if you have a little money to spare you should check it out. It's for a very good cause!

I first saw this a few weeks ago, but I thought it was hilarious so I'm sharing it now. I love that Josh Groban doesn't take himself too seriously.

I hope everyone has had a good start to the year! <3
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Happy Birthday Kay darling! I hope you are having an absolutely awesome day XD
Have some puffins! I love puffins, aren't they just the cutest birds ever? ILY! ♥

misc. pictures

Oh, and I'm not around much at the moment guys, because I have exams, so I'm sorry if I miss anything, but I love you all and I hope that you're doing great! <3
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sunbeam trees

Happy Birthday to [ profile] lady_eilthana and [ profile] jillybean_6939 !

I hope you are both having a great day and that you have an awesome year headed your way :D

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Happy Birthday to you both, girls!

a bike in autumn

Anna I hope you have a good weekend with your family <3

Robyn whatever you get up to I hope it's muy fun! :)
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Happy Birthday Sam!


I hope you're having a good day, and that the next year is a great one!



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